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Commercial & Residential Painting & Maintenance Services


John “The Greek” Painting℠ provides a full range of resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation services on residential and commercial construction that include new and existing construction painting, waterproofing and concrete restorations.

  • All work is warranted with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Our staff and crew are personally trained and employed by JTGP. You will never see subcontractors on any of our projects.
  • All our foreman are OSHA-trained and certified. Each project will always have foreman present during the length of the process to ensure your safety and satisfaction.
  • We use only personally owned professional grade equipment. We never rent our equipment.
  • Free estimate and personal consultation with one of our professional advisors. Your designated project manager will assist you throughout the length of your project.



When you hire JTGP, you can expect complete professional service that is on time and on price. Our process is detailed but simple – do everything to ensure customer satisfaction. What you can expect to experience while working with us:

  • FREE estimate appointment
  • Prompt proposal submitted shortly thereafter
  • Come to terms on Contract scope of work and Contract sum
  • Sign Contract with colors imputed into proposal
  • Make/Set tentative commencement date
  • Issue deposit invoice to be paid upon work commencement
  • Start project and execute contracted scope of work
  • Manage paint project and progress of completion
  • Walk project with client and execute final punch list
  • Make sure client is happy and satisfied
  • Invoice for final payment – payment upon completion
  • Another happy JTGP client


Whether local storefront to multi-level office building, JTGP will ensure that every project is professionally done with minimal impact on you and your business. We can assist in acquiring all legal documents and permits necessary to comply with city ordinances. We also have many years working experience with building associations that require adherence to paint specification standards.

JTGP has many years experience painting all types of commercial spaces – plazas, hospitals, offices, etc. – we have the crew and the equipment to handle it all. Other services we provide include concrete restoration, waterproofing, pressure cleaning and ongoing building maintenance to help prolong that professional image you are looking for.


Prompt, clean & efficient painting services allows JTG Painting to help maintain your most valuable investment – YOUR HOME. We deliver excellent results by providing: free detailed proposals, color consultation, quality surfaces preparation & paint application with the best paint for your home.  All work is warrantied & results are guaranteed to satisfy.


Let a JTG Painting specialist diagnose water intrusion issues at your home, commercial building or condo building. Our painting contractor team can determine a scope of work to eradicate all leaks coming through roofs or stucco cracks and correct them with a variety of methods including coatings solutions. Each water intrusion situation is different and our solutions are always specific to your problem.


JTG Painting can help troubleshoot water intrusions in windows at your home or building through caulking services. These caulking services can be provided to new construction on commercial and residential buildings through the application of the right caulking products to ensure complete success. We can also inspect existing caulking and determine if any of it needs to be replaced prior to painting. Don’t skip this simple step that can lead to bigger problems later.


JTG Painting pressure cleaning services help clean your home or property. Our industrial strength pressure cleaners can be power adjusted to properly and safely clean any surfaces from roofs, sidewalks, decking and walkways to the entire exterior of your home or building. Pressure cleaning helps maintain your paint job to give you additional years of looking like new. JTGP is pleased to offer free estimates for its pressure cleaning services.


Maintaining the integrity of your roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your property against water and potential mold damage. Protect or restore your roof investment at your home or building by painting or waterproofing. JTG Painting services can maintain or waterproof your roof using paint or elastomeric waterproofing material. We are happy to discuss the best roof protection plan for your individual property.


JTGP can provide a range of painting contractor services to owners and property managers to help maintain single and multiple properties. Simple services such as pressure cleaning, floor painting, touch-ups and painting projects are key to keeping properties looking fresh and cared for while ensuring they do not suffer damage from lack of basic maintenance. Allow us to make your management of a property easy, simple and carefree.


Update your home by removing popcorn texture from your ceilings. At JTGP our painting contractor team is efficient, swift and clean in removing old popcorn followed by prepping and skim coating ceilings for an excellent smooth ceiling. This is a small project than can make a big difference in your home.


Remove unsightly or dated wallpaper to clean up the look of your home or commercial space. Our painting contractor services at JTGP can provide you with wallpaper removal that gets rid of the old wallpaper and underlying adhesives and can also prep wall imperfections to prepare for painting or the application of new wall coverings.


Allow JTGP to help not only eradicate water leaks but also deal with the collateral interior water damage. We can repair and install new drywall or patch water damaged drywall before mold sets in and causes further serious damage. Our professional craftsmen can paint repaired walls to blend in perfectly with the surrounding areas.

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Our professional painting services will make your buildings look their best for the longest time possible. All of our work is under warranty. Read More

Post Title1

Our professional painting services will make your buildings look their best for the longest time possible. All of our work is under warranty. Read More