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Commercial Painting

Because of the unique conditions in this area, commercial buildings in need of a painting contractor in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding South Florida communities like Pompano, North Miami and West Palm Beach require extra care whether they are new or in need of a redo. With almost 40 years of experience with commercial buildings in South Florida, John “The Greek” Painting contractors have the expertise to handle any commercial painting job inside or out, large or small.

Exterior Commercial Painting by John “The Greek” Painting

Working with commercial buildings is demanding and at JTGP we know how to handle those demands. If a commercial building is new then it should be watertight and not have problems sometimes associated with older buildings but we check closely to make sure that is true before beginning any exterior commercial painting job. If the building is older, there are many more things to take into account ranging from wood, concrete or metal repairs that may be needed to making sure there is not a mold or mildew problem. Our team of painting contractors are craftsmen trained ferret out problems and help resolve them before putting on that final coat. There should never be any problems left under your new beautiful exterior paint job. And because we own our own fleet of equipment like lift trucks, staging and rigging, scaffolding, aerial lifts, scissor lifts and more, your job isn’t delayed because a rental isn’t working or available. We are equipped to paint any size or shape of commercial building and offer competitive prices and warranties on all jobs.

Interior Commercial Painting by John “The Greek” Painting

When people walk in the door of a commercial building they feel the professionalism evoked by a well-painted and maintained interior commercial paint job. Even the colors can set the tone for interaction between the business and the client. Our staff consultants can help you turn your idea of how you would like your business to be seen into a reality through wall and trim color choices and other decorative options. Painting the inside of a commercial building can be even more challenging than the outside if the business is in full operation. No one wants to close down and lose business and we are sensitive to that and schedule our work around your needs like working on certain sections while other sections remain open. Whether it is freshening up or a complete redo, John ‘the Greek’ Painting contractors is ready to transform the interior of your commercial building.