John Argiropoulos, also know as John “The Greek” Painting℠, came to America looking for a better life for him and his wife, Monica, as well as a new opportunity. Settling down in Florida, John saw a need for a professional painting company in his local neighborhood. A company that would encompass the characteristics he was raised under – honesty, integrity, passion and the pride of providing quality to others.

Starting small John offered the local residential community of Fort Lauderdale professional painting and small construction services. His hard work and work ethic grew his reputation inside the community and the surrounding areas. After 40 years in the business, JTGP has grown into a thriving full service residential and commercial painting company that now offers much more than just paint.

JTGP is still a true family owned and operated full-service company, that now includes a large staff of the top industry professionals that service the tri-county area with residential and commercial contractor services of any size. Nothing is too big or too small for JTGP and their crew.

Our professional staff are fully trained and certified in the industry standards of construction painting with a focus on services that include construction restoration, waterproofing and painting on new and existing construction, as well as rehabilitation, ongoing maintenance and restoration.

Fully suited with industry standard equipment to complete any size project whether multi-level commercial locations to your average family size home. You will never send a subcontractor or use any equipment that is not ours. Everything goes through a rigorous approval process by management because we believe in only providing the very best for our customers.